Rauris and its ski touring
el-dorado in Kolm Saigurn

Either starting at the impressive far end of the valley in Kolm Saigurn, or in the hamlet of Bucheben left or right attacking the mountain crests. Many have set it an objective to climb the Rauriser house mountain 'Hohen Sonnblick' with its famous weather station at the peak.

Countless ski tour routes are waiting to be discovered.

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Skiguide Wolfgang Rohrmose

Skitouring in the Rauriser valley




Winter walking
In the valley of Rauris there are 35 kilometers of well groomed winter walking tracks. Beautiful winter panoramas, undisturbed nature and many animal footprints in the snow. Enjoy the scenic winter beauty of the national park village of Rauris.

The fresh powder snow invites to versatile winter walks and to follow one of the well groomed routes. Along the way take a break in the bar of one of the many cozy guesthouses and refuel the energy with a good 'glühwein' or 'Jagatee'.


Cross country ski
In surface being the largest village of the province of Salzburg, the Rauriser valley offers about 25 miles of well kept cross country tracks (loipen). Start at the village centre and follow the track into the beautiful Seidlwinkl valley. Or use the 'loipen bus' to get to the Hüttwinkl valley, yet another scenic valley with 25 kilometers of ski cross country tracks of diverse level of difficulty in a breathtaking landscape at 1300 meters above sea level. Comfortable sunshine tracks are found at the Bodenhaus at the end of the main valley of Rauris at the hamlet of Bucheben. The ski cross- country hart just beats a little faster when you pass the schnaps distillery, dear zoo and all the time the fascinating panoramas.

Also in the spring, when the snow is drawing back, the first snowdrop flowers appear, the creek starts flowing again then the cross country high track in the skiing area of Rauris is prepared and well kept. One can reach it by using the cable car lift and the panorama is even more exciting at this height.

Snowshoe walking

Snowshoe walking is a popular and quickly growing wintertime activity. Which is very comprehensible because in the untouched nature with its fresh unspoiled deep powder snow one finds an idyll like winter landscape. This very traditional art of sport makes it possible for all ages to move around in the deep snow without being exhausted in very little time. Far away from civilization one is overwhelmed with the feelings of peace, purity, loneliness and freedom all at once. It is a fascinating experience that can be recommended to anyone. If you have tasted the excitement of this traditional way of moving around in the deep snow you will never again abandon the snowshoes. During the winter in Rauris, guided tours are organized every week and material can be rented and arranged by the tourist office.
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Ice climbing
Not a doing for the weak nerves, but for the courageous climber an exiting activity. For those adventurers who like to try it Rauris offers the highest certified instructor in the field. ‚Mountain wolf' Wolfgang Rohrmoser is at your service in, again, the place of unlimited outdoor activities: Kolm Saigurn, the far end of the Rauriser valley. The many frozen waterfalls offer a wide variety of ice walls to be conquered. In this also called Icearena both the expert and the beginner will find their challenge.

Horse coach rides
Horse coach rides are organized during the winter and take you to sedate places along the Rauriser creek, into the Forsterbach valley or the romantic Seidlwinkel valley to guesthouse Weixen. Or from Bucheben into the scenic Hüttwinkeltal with a pause at Guesthouse 'Lechnerhäusl'. Four different guesthouses offer this coach ride services.

with the air taxi

Realize your dream to fly and with a little courage you're floating in the sky. You have to experience it to know the feeling of being free like a bird. The wind in your face, unlimited and far away panoramas. The landscape suddenly gets a whole new perspective. Fly with Tom!

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